Tradition and Reliability

With 37 years of experience, Crystal Rio is one of the brazilian companies with the highest tradition on the export and import market of crystals and minerals, supplying goods to more than 1000 customers all over the world. Since our roots are in Brazil, we value our stones the most and you can see that our catalog consists mostly of Brazilian Natural Stones.


Worldwide Reach

Exporting worldwide since 1987, we send the majority of our shipments by Fedex but we do have other options such as Air Freight and Sea Freight. If you rather use another one, we’ll find the best way to send your crystals to wherever country you live in.


Quality with Price

Like you, we know that the beauty of the crystal is directly related to its quality. That’s why Crystal Rio is your best option as a supplier that combines good pricing with great quality. We manage to get beautiful pieces with a fair price range and beyond that, if you receive anything different from what you expected, all you have to do is let us know!


Customer Service

We cherish the happiness of our customers, that’s why we have a team ready to assist you in everything that you need: since the selection of your stones, to any doubts that you can have, until keeping up with the shipping of your boxes.